Smead 10229 Colored Interior Folders Assortment, Letter Size


Price: $34.95

Smead 10229 These special size Smead folders are designed to fit neatly inside hanging folders. They keep documents organized when removed from the file drawer. The tabs are hidden when returned to the file so they do not interfere with the vinyl tabs of the hanging folder. Assorted tab positions allow more than one interior folder to be used within a single hanging folder. Manila and 15 distinctive colors allow efficient color coding. For made-to-order (MTO) individual tab positions, click here.


  • Single-pli tab
  • Tab 1/2" high
  • 11 point stock
  • Front panel undercut
  • Scored for 3/4" expansion
  • Top corners rounded, front and back
  • LETTER SIZE 11-5/8" W x 9-3/16" H Overall, 8-11/16" H Body
  • 100 PER BOX
  • Accepting Major Credit Cards

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